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I've carried a lot of back up guns over the years.

I started out with larger autos in a vest holster. Slow and cumbersome.

Then I went to small autos in pocket carry (off hand side) and found that every now and then (not often, but enough to be unsettling) the mag release button would get engaged just enough to unseat the mag just so.

I settled on the Smith 442 loaded with +p ammo and love it to death. Five shots, offside pocket carry, very fast, very stealth, very reassuring to hear those five cartridges go "bang". Mine had a lock on it but has been de-locked some years ago.

I prefer the 442 (I have a 642 as well) due to the dark finish. I can approach cars on traffic stops with that hand in my pocket ready for action and nobody notices it if I have slid it out a bit.

Mine is quite accurate too. Really kind of shocked how good the accuracy is on these little revolvers.
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