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Originally Posted by BlackPaladin View Post
8 years, I have carried only my service weapon on duty. Events occurred this year that have convinced me that exploring the idea of a backup pistol would be worthwhile. I am convinced that a J frame size revolver is what I want, with no hammer. It is simple and there is very little to go wrong with it.

I am going to ask a two part question on this.

(a) Which J frame sized hammerless pistol in which caliber would be recommended?

(b) From *experience* where or how would you carry this?

Bear in mind, this would NOT be for off duty carry, only uniformed backup. I greatly appreciate the feedback in advance, this has been on my mind for awhile.
I carried a S&W 642 in .38 for a while as a backup and decided I preferred an auto. My current backup is a Beretta Nano. Nothing really wrong with the wheelgun, just not my preference.

That said, what type of uniform do you wear? If it's class A, your options as to carry location are more limited that if it's say BDU based.
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