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Congrats and welcome!

Alwaysshootin gave you some very good advice, and the same advice I would have given, so Im glad he typed it out so I dont have to!

As far as accessories go, anything that fits a Gen 4 G30, G30sf and G29sf is going to fit a Gen 4 G29, with the exception of barrels and one or two other items directly related to handling .45acp ammo instead of 10mm. As far as new trigger mechanism housings go if you decide you need a new one, or one with an overtravel stop like mine, make sure you get one made for the SF model, or Gen 4. To the best of my knowledge the x-grip sleaves for the G20 magazines should fit your gun just fine. And remember, with any of these products, phone and email are your friend, so call or email ahead of time and they can answer your questions also!
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