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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Down here, if you look carefully you can find those little buddies fresh out of the nest about the size of a silver dollar. Years ago, I grew one from a hatchling all the way to about 4" before releasing him into the wild. I had him in a 75gal tank.

As far as the apartment thing, I did it from my teens up until about 21 years old then bought my own place. I haven't rented in over 10 years and couldn't be happier. I can play music as loud as I want (I'm a drummer, so it does get loud out here sometimes) and I can shoot my guns in my own need to go to a range and pay.

Besides, I'm used to roughing it on my own away from people/neighbors. I grew up in the swamps down here, so outdoors away from civilization is where I'm most comfortable.
You make it sound like the life.

Sweet. I tried to always have a common snapper around, they are great garbage disposals. Anytime I'd have a snake refuse a meal, the turtle took care of leftovers. I also had one from a hatchling size, kept him until he hit around 5".

Originally Posted by GRIMLET View Post
" him Amos Moses. Get down on 'em Amos, Make it count, son!!!!
About 45 minutes Southeast of Thibidoux, La......."

HaahhHaha I kid, I kid!!
If only i could add one more picture, it would be of Funds favorite 30' shark. I snapped a pic of it this afternoon. Unfortunately, ot wont upload. I have exceeded picture quota. Help!!!!!
I need to see the shark!
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