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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
we are talking really two different things. You are talking about what you expect out of THE GUN. I am talking about what I expect out of MYSELF.
Could be true. But we agree the limit with the snubbie is not mechanical, instead it is me.

Counter to what the OP says, I believe speed and accuracy are interfering with each other. To be more accurate, you need to slow down. To be faster you accept less accuracy.

Now maybe the OP is trying to present some sort of Zen moment where speed and accuracy become one, but I'm not buying it. Accuracy can get better at speed because someone practices, but it still won't be as good as when slowing down.

And pertaining to all of this, what is "good enough"? Where is that defined? I don't think it is. Perhaps if you and your loved ones survive combat then your skills were good enough.

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