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Originally Posted by dango View Post
Lady Glock: My heart does go out to you and prayers will follow.
Hang tough , somehow , things always have a way of working out ! Like all others , I'm along for the ride and find I ain't always driving. Keep the faith.: wavey:

LONE WOLFE; You have stolen my heart ! May I perhaps make a small loan ? I need to spred some wealth ! How are you doing sweety ? Well I hope ! I'm doing really well and need to know
that you are also ! Just me...: wavey:
I don't have any need for a loan, but I'm sure you can find some in here who could use a little help getting through some rough times right now. I'm really lucky that I don't have financial problems to go with all my health problems, but thank you for the offer.

Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
Prayers going out to all of you.
Thank you, on behalf of all of us who need them.

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
Finally got the call from the company I interviewed with. They chose the other applicant for the job. I guess she had more experience or a higher degree. They said it wasnít an easy decision (they told that to the temp agency that is helping them with staffing). They recommend me as a good candidate for another position, so that is good.

Another prayer surgery has been scheduled. I am having a decompress and fuse on my back...the L5 position. This has been a year in waiting. I guess they are finally tired of trying every shot available over and over. The surgery is planned for November 14th

Please, continue to keep up the prayers for my finances...there are so many things I need and canít get, and some things Iíd like to do for and with my kids that I canít because the finances are just not there. I know, there are people in worse shape than me...and I pray for them all, constantly...I just feel terribly when one of the kids ask if they can go somewhere or do something and I have to say no...thereís no money. Please, pray I can get a job...soon.
Damn, I hate that you didn't get the job!

I'll be praying for you to find another, and for your surgery.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Government run health care is great, isn't it? I can't wait for Obamacare!
Not. Even. Going. There....

Just because you knew the risk doesn't mean they shouldn't take care of you when it happens. I don't know who you could report this guy to, but you really should. Our vets shouldn't have to put up with this crap. Loser.
Whoever I reported him to would probably concur with his recommendations, and remind me how much money I cost you taxpayers. Like I wanted to get shot and run up medical bills........

Originally Posted by NeverMore1701 View Post
People like that are a disgrace to the medical community, and sadly aren't nearly as rare as they should be.

Hope the chemo effects wear off quickly : hugs:
No, they're not, and the VA seems to have more than their share. I know I posted a while back about another doc who had a similar opinion of doing anything for me. Then there was the doc who rated me way below what I should be rated, and admitted it. I really hate the VA......

Thanks, I hope it does, too. It's getting a little better now that I'm over a week since my last dose. Hopefully the fuzzy head clears soon, so I can at least drive myself to the grocery store.

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
I think you should share the contact information for this doctor and let your friends on here have a heart to heart with the freak! That pisses me off so much!
Oh, to be a fly on the wall when some of you GT'ers show up for a little 'wall to wall counseling' with that doc! Infortunately, after you finish with him, you'd have to go on to most everyone else that works at that VA!

Originally Posted by Steel Head View Post

LW Last chemo!!!!: highfive:
Hope surgery goes well and you start feeling better soon.
: wavey:
Thank you! BTW, need fresh kitty pics you know where. Your buddy makes me smile.
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