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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Sure. I want confidence at my hunting distances. Deer walking quickly between the trees, I don't want have to worry about distance, bullet power, or accuracy. I have confidence in all of those things.

So I'd say work on your accuracy and shooting skills, but be practical in accepting a certain level for a range of situations.

I think that what is meant by combat accuracy. A stock Glock may only have combat accuracy compared to a target 1911.
i don't quite know how to explain it, i am tired and it's been a long day around here, but, we are talking really two different things. You are talking about what you expect out of THE GUN. I am talking about what I expect out of MYSELF.

I have been able to keep all of my shots out of a 2" S&W "J" frame in the scoring rings since I was taught in my 20's. The 2" is every bit as mechanically accurate as a 4" it is just that the sights being closer together (sight radius) makes it difficult to shoot well. I have seen better shooters than I shoot some great scores at 25 with a 2". The gun is capable of it, Not every shooter NEEDS to work at that level certainly, but it is a matter of what the shooter is satisfied out of himself that sets the bar, not the gun.
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