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Originally Posted by ChrisMJX View Post
I recently purchased a safe for my gun and other valuables. I'm glad to have it, however I live in an apartment and now I have the problem of how to secure the safe itself. Obviously if someone broke in, a safe is basically advertising "take me".

I only have wire-rack shelves in my closets, and the mounting kit that came with the safe is just a couple of screws and anchors. They would attach through the bottom it seems. I live on the third floor and I'm pretty sure the floors under the carpet are gonna be wood, although I don't know because I haven't attempted to pull up the carpet. It didn't come with a tether.

Any ideas?

I lived in a apartment and had a was the first floor apt, All I did was drills holes and use the right anchors. And when I moved all I did was unscrew the anchors...and move the carpet back and forth and the holes disappear.
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