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Originally Posted by Young Once View Post
Dear Pogi, its actually right, but still wrong. The licenses will be considered revoked, yes, but he will still be considered as the owner. The deed of sale will not exonerate him, especially if the guns are used, especially in a crime. Of course he can always say that he sold it and present the deed of sale. Anyway, the same thing happened to me. I sold my gun to a guy who promised to transfer the license in his name, but never did, until I lost touch with him. When I checked the records at FED, the license was still in my name. I had the gun declared as lost. So now, when I check at the records/computer database of the FED thru some of the people there, my guns is flagged as "lost," but are still actually in my name. This way, no penalties of any sort will accumulate. However, if the buyer subsequently tries to register the gun in his name, he will have some problems. The gun will be confiscated and the buyer might be charged with an offense, possibly illegal possession. But what exactly, I don't know. I hope this helps.
Thank you Pare.
Will advise my friend to do same thing you did.
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