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Originally Posted by geofri View Post

I do remember that photo! Always had a soft spot for the snappers, but never coughed up the coin( plus space for keeping) to own an alligator[snapper].

I'm used to the apartment life, thinkin that might be the best to find housing near employment, then I start buying shipping containers and a plot in the woods for the manhouse. I've got too many tools, guns, and gear to spend much more time in living in apartments!

Down here, if you look carefully you can find those little buddies fresh out of the nest about the size of a silver dollar. Years ago, I grew one from a hatchling all the way to about 4" before releasing him into the wild. I had him in a 75gal tank.

As far as the apartment thing, I did it from my teens up until about 21 years old then bought my own place. I haven't rented in over 10 years and couldn't be happier. I can play music as loud as I want (I'm a drummer, so it does get loud out here sometimes) and I can shoot my guns in my own need to go to a range and pay.

Besides, I'm used to roughing it on my own away from people/neighbors. I grew up in the swamps down here, so outdoors away from civilization is where I'm most comfortable.
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