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Originally Posted by ChrisMJX View Post
I recently purchased a safe for my gun and other valuables. I'm glad to have it, however I live in an apartment and now I have the problem of how to secure the safe itself. Obviously if someone broke in, a safe is basically advertising "take me".

I only have wire-rack shelves in my closets, and the mounting kit that came with the safe is just a couple of screws and anchors. They would attach through the bottom it seems. I live on the third floor and I'm pretty sure the floors under the carpet are gonna be wood, although I don't know because I haven't attempted to pull up the carpet. It didn't come with a tether.

Any ideas?

I'm in the same situation you are....I live in an apartment with 5 other guys, whom I all trust, but there are always new people in and out because people know people, you know?

anyway I was going to buy a safe from Dick's for like 2-300 bucks but I figured they would be easy to steal. So I've decided to start saving and go for a good safe, like a Liberty. One model, I think its like the G22 or G23, is something like 540 pounds, which I don't think would be exactly easy for someone to steal. For now, I'm going to be chaining my guns through the gun locks to the radiator in my closet. I don't think anyone will get to them, and they will be somewhat secured until I get the safe.

If you can't drill into the floor, and I'm assuming you can't because you live in an apartment, is there anyway to chain the safe down? Would it be that easy for someone to walk out with it if it wasn't secured down?
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