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I see no problem with using a Glock as a hunting tool. This thread was about a sidearm anyways, not your main gun. However, if you can get a deer in close and put the bullet where it needs to go, I don't see a problem. A bad shot is a bad shot, it doesn't matter what you're using. Put one through the boiler room and you've got a dead deer.

I hope to get to go hunting this year, my .308 will be my main gun, but I promise I will have a Glock with me too, either my G21 Gen4 w/KKM 4-port shooting .45 Super (230gr @ 1200+ or 200gr @ 1350+) or my Gen4 G35 .40 S&W with 6" G24 KKM barrel (165 Gold Dot @ 1400 or 180gr XTP/Gold Dot @ 1275). I wouldn't hesitate using either if the opportunity presented itself.
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