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Originally Posted by Allegra View Post
nangyari sakin yan
nagpagawa ako affidavit of loss
pinagawa ng police report, then submit sa fed
Pay the penalty
So the gun is now "lost "

nag iisip din ako , what if the buyer suddenly appears?
Pwede kaya magpagawa ng addidavit of found?
Dapat pwede, assuming the " lost/stolen" firearm was "recovered"
Ibinalik ng nagnakaw halimbawa
This is interesting to know.

If you dont mind, what circumstances did you say you lost the firearm? Did you say that you sold it, got the payment but the buyer ran away with it and never registered it?

What are the implications here though? Will that essentially give you a "get out of jail free card" ?

Also, will that not affect your right to buy another firearm? Im not sure how true but it was previously believed that if you lost a gun, then you could potentially not be able to have another one licensed in your name. Is that true?
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