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Hi Tito Pogs, long time no hear
What if the owner report the units "lost", pwede ba yun?

From my experience yesterday, when the girl at the counter said my license is considered "revoked", medyo natakot ako and was expecting na ma hassle. Pero it turned out the "bark" was worst than the "bite". Nag pa notaryo lang ako, paid a fee for it, then that was it. I'm not even sure if this step is also required even if your license is not expired. After this. I went to pay for the bond, tapos pay for the firearms license plus penalty and that was it.

PMMA97, just curious regarding the "istorbo", does the PNP really do that? or is this an urban legend they use to scare civilians to update their expired license?

Konting OT. When I was at Crame, I met a nice RO (Arnold) who helped me in my license renewal. He was guiding me towards each step, even though may iba din siyang inaasikaso. To make a long story short, sabi niya if you have a PTC, hinde yun pwede gamitin as your legal document in going to competitions or going to shooting range. You would also be needing a PTT on top of your PTC. Sabi niya the rules for PTC is that the firearm can only be used and discharged during an emergency situation. Thus if you use your firearms sa range with just the PTC, pwede kang ma "technical", ma hanapan ng kaso since that is clearly not an emergency situation. Sabi niya to be on the safe side, meron siyang both PTT and PTC for the same firearm. Grabe! Ibang level na pala ang bureaucracy ngayon. :D

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