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Originally Posted by Panglоss View Post
Ok, please post up the full quotation, with proper citation, of all and any supreme court justices who have claimed that they support trying to overturn the Heller decision in the near future.

Once you do that, then we'll discuss your logic...or lack thereof.
I posted it.

No comment?

Originally Posted by Cubdriver View Post
What, you mean like possibly appointing more justices to the Supreme Court? Cut from the same cloth as Elena Kagen and the wise Latina, Sonia Sotomayor, those two staunch second amendment supporters?

Why do people seem to be so blind to the whole Supreme Court thing?

Looks like you just made WarCry's ignore list. Anytime someone uses logic or mentions scotus, he ignores it and tries to argue with someone else.

Originally Posted by Schlitz View Post
threads like this really make me laugh. Obama AND your beloved Romney have both spoken out AGAINST 'assault weapons.' You guys are so devoted to supporting ANYONE who has an R by there name that you'll support an anti gun progressive...BECAUSE HE HAS AN R BY HIS NAME.

The difference between Obama and Romney on assault weapons? Your beloved Romney put his money where is mouth is and actually signed an AWB into law.

You guys look just as silly as the antigunners out there supporting Obama by supporting Romney. Threads like this just set you back even farther.

Lie to yourself if you want, but don't try to lie to us. Mitt Romney has done more to hurt gun rights for Americans than Obama and you all know it.
Lets see. One guy wants to appoint new scotus justices who will make anti-gun rulings without a doubt. He has appointed 2 far left anti-gunners and 125 libs as judges. We can expect future appointments to be left to far left. Maybe we'll get another communist in a govt position like Van Jones...or a mass murderer[mao] lover like Anita Dunn.

The other guy says he will appoint new members of scotus like the ones on the right. We can expect them as well as his other appointments to be moderate at worst.

One guy says no new gun laws.

The other says "hey, we need to have a new awb and there a real problem with cheap pistols."

Obama will be on his second term if he wins and will be free to do/say more of what he wants...but he doesnt even need to do that. He just needs to appoint one new member of scotus to replace one of the soon to be 80 year olds.

But you go ahead and write in Paul. You can feel proud that you're one of the half a percent that voted that way and helped Obama get back in to appoint more pos liberals.
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