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Originally Posted by ilgunguygt View Post
arguing obama is anything other than Anti-gun is foolishness. Either you are clueless about everything or you have just drank that much kool-aid that you cant see truth anymore.
Oh, I have NO question at all that, if he could, he would eliminate every firearm in existence and use the melted-down metal to make a victory train that he'd ride around the country waving a cowboy hat and yelling "YEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW!!!!!"

But realistically, his PERSONAL views have very little bearing on what, as president, he can actually do. And for everyone that wants to say otherwise, regardless of whether you AGREE with him or not, he's NOT a stupid man.

He IS anti-gun. No question. He brings it up to soothe his base. But his record on the issue over the last four years speaks for itself. The great big fat "F" from Brady says quite a bit, too.
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