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Originally Posted by ahtsay View Post
Was just there awhile ago with my expired license. It's confirmed that the license is revoked after it expires. However it seems to me the process of the renewal was not changed that much. It was all a blur but parang the process remained the same and you just pay an extra late charge. It took me about 2 hours from the time I stepped into FED to the time I stepped out. Not too bad, I was expecting worst.....
Clar, Young Once, was trying to think if this will work to the favor of a senior friend...but my mind is totally blank today.

This friend of mine sold his .45 last 1997 and .9 in 2005. Both did not transfer corresponding licenses to their names. Both good buyers and NOT BGs Their contention was "pambahay lang naman", just in case, so I will not transfer anymore-additional gastos lang. Ok lang sa friend ko kasi he has in his possession signed deed of sales stating thereat the sales-transfer of possession-AND THE DATE PLUS EXACT TIME BOTH UNITS WERE HANDED TO BUYERS.

In 2009 there was amnesty-records revealed both units still in the name of my friend. Done nothing.

With this new ruling-think it will be to the advantage of my friend-as licenses will be/or had been REVOKED.

Tama ba mga Kuya. Or correct.
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