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Originally Posted by Quick N Steady View Post
Misinformed? I understand ballistics quite well. It as a matter of accuracy and challenge. Anyone can go for brown and down. Body shots are for either bow hunting or wasting meat and poor aim with a center fire.
Im a bowhunter, and I've hunted deer with pistol and slug gun and i would never in a million years ever advise someone to shoot a deer in the neck or head regardless of what instrument was used to do the deed. The only way to kill a deer in the neck is to hit the artery and that's a very small window to hit.
Only a complete fool would purposefully shoot a deer in the neck or head. And what meat would you be destroying if you double lunged a deer exactly? Those little slices of rib meat? I've shot 4 deer with my remington and didn't destroy hardly any meat.
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