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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Some crawfish etouffee I fired up last night...enough reason to never leave here. (The peas are just for decoration...)

The Okie Corral
I tried to eat my screen

You want a laugh.

My family are the classic tradition bottom of the woods Louisiana creoles, and when they come to Florida and I take them to a a SEFLA so-called lousiana food spot they almost puke out their guts. I 'm always apologizing on behalf of this state for the sorry food options.

Even the worst eateries in Louisiana are 10x better than anything in Florida. I'm 100% dead serious about that.

People down here have no clue as to what creole cooking is and no proper ideal of how to us cayenne pepper and just sprinkling creole seasonsing on sometime does not make it Creole Food

And do get me started on cooking shrimp and Florida & how to make a proper roux
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