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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
If I didn't have the need to hit 8" target at 25 yards (and further).... AT SPEED.... then yeah, maybe that would be okay.

Being that I am primarily a competition shooter, I need something a little easier to control than stock. I run the Ghost Rocket and springs in my G34.

My carry G26? Lightly polished the mating surfaces, and good to go. But I only shoot that gun only a few times a year, just to make sure it goes bang, clean it up and back in the carry holster. Most of my shooting is with G34. Love that gun.
Well , that make's perfect sense.! I live in the middle of no-where and my only competition shooting has been in my back yard with friends and neighbors , never been to a range but do see where you are coming from.
What I don't understand is why would somebody do this to a carry gun . This is only my personal opinion and not anybody
elses .
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