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Originally Posted by Jason D View Post
It could be for a price.....

You see it costs money to run the site. Money from paying members, and money from the fund-raisers to raise the dough it cost to keep the lights on.

As it stands now you have three options.

1. Pack up and leave.
2. Live with the minor inconvenience of ads that helps keep the forum running.
3. Become a paying member. As paid members don't see the pop up.

As a bonus option. I suppose you could run a pop-up blocker.
Other forums run and make the owners a profit without annoying pop up ads. I'm sure we all know why. Bandwidth costs money and it seems the majority of the traffic here has nothing to do with Glock and everything to do with off topic junk. Because of this I have done 2 things.

1. I have NOT even looked at buying anything here. Until this forum is run by adults for adults I am paying for advertising on other Glock sites. I don't believe my target audience is here. Just a bunch of kids for the most part.
2. I have even paid for a membership on a site I won't name because even though this one has a greater wealth of information the signal to noise ration is better at many other sites.

Obviously some don't care and obviously I will still be here but just not that much as I tire of wading through the BS that is encouraged here.
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