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you better be in tip top physical shape inside and out if you're gonna live there. i've snuck over and partied there a few times and it almost killed me multiple times in multiple ways.

if there's 1 thing they do and do well over there it's drinking. i'm not talking that bourbon street mardi gras sloppy amateur **** you see on tv either, i mean serious drinking. i've been to low key backyard crawfish boils where the beer started flowing at noon, the whiskey started at 5, and the moonshine started at 10 and went on until the sun came up.

start working your gut now cause it's gonna get it's very own workout. if you go to somebody's house they're gonna feed you whether you like it or not. it don't matter if you're spending the night or stopping by for a minute to pick up a friend, you're gonna get fed, and it's a personal insult if you don't eat.

and the women! that's a whole other thread in and of itself and not suitable for this forum but i'll just say if you get a cajun girl after you you're in for 1 hell of a time.

good luck and have fun.

p.s. don't let any of em try to fool you, their state bird aint the pelican, it's the mosquito.
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