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Originally Posted by BBSRQ View Post
I talked with a local gunsmith who I think is very knowledgeable about my plan. I know he's not a huge Glock fan but he told me that Glock factory barrels tend to fail at a higher rate with reloads (that may be true of all barrels?) and he said that Glock will refuse to honor the warranty if they suspect reloads were used.

I don't know...maybe I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and hope that ammo prices come down after the election.
Glock will honer their warranty even if you shoot reloads. They did mine and I was very upfront about shooting reloads. Some of my glocks have never seen a factory load. However if you screw up a reload and blow up a gun that's not glocks fault.

I can reload at almost half the price of buying so I'm thinking about reloading. And, again from what I've read, the conversion barrel isn't very tolerant of reloaded cartridges.
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Lone wolf barrels tend to be 3K on an inch tighter than glock barrels in 40 sw. Any barrel should get 100K round through it in its life. Yes you can reload 9mm for half the price of new ammo, more for more expensive ammo. I have shot a few k reloads through my Lone wolf barrel and it works fine. It doesn't sound like your gun smith knows a lot about glocks.
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