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Originally Posted by noway View Post
Louisiana born ( Caddo parish ) and raised outside of Kinder, LA before moving to Texas. The western part of the state is great. Much cleaner and laid back than let's say the NOLA/METAIRE area.

I myself would reccommend anything from Baton Rouge west. North Louisiana is more like Texas or Arkansas, but still it's great place to live.

Overall taxes for common items are cheaper than most other places and gas prices are always cheaper than any think MidWest or NE states.

if you get bored of LA, you can escaped to the North, West or East and enter any of the border states with in 3-5 hours of driving time depending on where your at.
Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Everything pretty much spot on.

I'll elaborate some. West of Baton Rouge (like noway mentioned) is Acadiana (Cajun) territory. Not the same thing thing as New Orleans. The food will be different, the music will be different, and the culture will be different. Not that there's anything wrong with New Orleans, but Acadiana is where it's at.

And noway is spot on with the North Louisiana assessment. I'd suggest living at least as South as the Lafayette area, or you'll miss ALL of the state's cultural background. There's a reason we call anyone North of I-10 Yankees. The Northern part of the state is nothing like the South/Southwestern part. But, it still shares the same freedom as the rest of the state.
Very interesting breakdown.

I laughed when I saw how far north I-10 is..

Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Some crawfish etouffee I fired up last night...enough reason to never leave here. (The peas are just for decoration...)

The Okie Corral
That looks amazing!
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