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Originally Posted by jp3975 View Post
What irony?

I stated fact. You have evidence to the contrary?

If it doesnt make sense to you, that's your problem. Makes sense to everyone else.

It probably makes sense to you and WarCry as well because you have nothing to say about it.

Let me guess...butt hurt Paul fanatics? Obama lovers?

Scotus said it, not me. Logic isnt on your side.
Ok, please post up the full quotation, with proper citation, of all and any supreme court justices who have claimed that they support trying to overturn the Heller decision in the near future.

Once you do that, then we'll discuss your logic...or lack thereof.

Originally Posted by dogmower View Post
Pangloss, WTF are you thinking? anyone who would even THINK of trusting BHO is in for a rude awakening. the plan to destroy the US is obvious to anyone with eyes. you don' t need an advanced degree in economics to know you can't borrow your way out of debt. and that is the first step, economic destruction. c'mon man, wake up!
I don't trust Obama. I hope he loses this next election and gets sent packing back to Chicago.

But the reality is that with all of the legal precedents there is little that he or any other politician can do to ban gun ownership at the federal level...even at the state level.

Now, as I pointed out, there are still issues that could be decided by the supreme court that were not determined in Heller. So they could take a case on an assault weapons ban, or a high capacity magazine ban, or perhaps the concealed carry case in Illinois. And the ruling on those future cases will of course be dependent on who is on the court. And who is on the court will be dependent on who makes the appointments.

To recap my main points - UN gun ban: not something to worry about. Full on national gun ban: also not something to really worry about.
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