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Originally Posted by Fallschirjäger View Post
"Sir, I stopped you because there is a report that you passed slower moving vehicles at a high rate of speed according to the driver of the slow moving vehicle."

That's fine, Officer, did you observe me speeding or disobeying any traffic laws?
"No. May I see your license?"

Sure, do you intend to issue a citation for speeding or any other citation based on what you observed?"
"I didn't see you do anything, it's another motorist that called."

Do you intend to issue a citation based on that information?
"I can't, as I said I'm not the one that saw you."

Do you have that motorists name so they can be called to testify against me for the citation that you're not going to write because you didn't observe any violations?"
"I'm not issuing you a danged citation, what part of that didn't you get?"

Oh, I got that part alright.

I will offer a slightly different roadside conversation:

"Sir, may I see your license, registration and insurance please"

"Why did you stop me?" / "I did nothing wrong" / "I wasn't speeding/didn't run the light/did stop at the sign/there was no sign. Why do you need my license?"

"Sir, may I see your license,registration and insurance please?"

"But I did / didn't /need to know.."

"Stop. I am not going to ask you again. Give me your driver's license. The law (or state specific statute) requires you to have and display a license. I am not going to ask again. Give me your license or you will be arrested."

Drivers choice at this point.

That said, any news regarding the civil suit?
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