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Originally Posted by geofri View Post
Fin to move south upon graduation.

Never really considered Louisiana until now. ( preferably 2 hours or less from salt water)

Wondered if I could get a few words from locals?

Cost of living? Friendly to outsiders? Taxes? Best kept secrets? Gun laws to know other than what handgunlaw turns up?

1) Cost of living - Almost non-existent unless you want to live right in the center of a city.

2) Friendly to outsiders - As friendly as anywhere else I'd long as you don't have something like a Boston accent, you'll be fine.

3) Taxes - Not bad at all. In line with the pay scale here so I can't complain.

4) Best kept secrets - Nothing is a secret here...but I'd say the food will pretty much hook you for life.

5) Gun laws - Almost none. Shall-issue. Open carry. Any number of firearms, anywhere in the vehicle, loaded or unloaded, with no permit required.

We also have a strong castle doctrine which means if anybody forces entry into your home, feel free to make some extra breathing holes in their chest.

Oh, and I'll have to mention the food one more time.

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