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Originally Posted by BBSRQ View Post
I talked with a local gunsmith who I think is very knowledgeable about my plan. I know he's not a huge Glock fan but he told me that Glock factory barrels tend to fail at a higher rate with reloads (that may be true of all barrels?) and he said that Glock will refuse to honor the warranty if they suspect reloads were used.

I don't know...maybe I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and hope that ammo prices come down after the election.
I was looking for someone around to check my old 1911 style .38super, do you mind sending me the contact info of this gunsmith, the closest-one I found was in Tampa…

If the one you found is in Sarasota, I would really appreciate if you get his contact info for me…

In regard of the ammo, when I buy online, I usually use to get the lowest price, otherwise I got very good experience with Georgia Arms ammo -, I usually buy a box or two of the 500 or 1000 at the gun show in Palmetto, at the Manatee Civic center (, I shot probably 3-4K of their 9mm and .40 ammo and never had any problemsrelated…

Reloadingis good, I’m about to get a press and start doing it but reloading 9mm will give you almost the same price as if you buy it from the store, I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle… I am getting a different caliber, probably 10mm or .45and also I’m interested of getting a can for my Sig so reloading will give me chance to play with the ammo for it… If it was only for reloading 9mm, I would not probably do it…

In regard of the resource of your barrel… I’m positive you will not be able to wear it out…
Very common misconception is that Glock’s barrel is polygonal, in fact it is with conventional rifling that have the edges of the hills intentionally “worn” .

In this case barrel handles better lot more wear, especially when the inside of Glock’s barrels are treated with Tenifer. Another fact is that Glock did not do originally his barrels for himself, they were developed for him by a small Austrian company, that presented 2 projects for barrel rifling to Gaston and he picked the second-one, the one with the “worn” hills because he wanted to have as much as maintenance free and reliable gun, so that’s why Glocks barrels lasts longer than conventional rifled barrels…

True polygonal barrels have H&K for example, but not Glock…

Glock will not honor the warranty of a damaged gun if you shoot lead bullets, however Glock barrels handle perfectly lead bullets when they are hard cast, also – they do not wear the barrel, the problem with the lead and Glock barrels is the same problem any other gun will have – lead fouling, that can cause overpressure and blow the barrel or the gun…I don’t shoot lead trough my Glock but I know tons of people that do it withoutany issues
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