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I've had a couple orders through PSA this year and they all came out fine. These are all different orders I've listed but a couple (AR stuff) were a few days apart.

1. AR-15 upper (showed up 11 days after placing order)
2. AR-15 lower (showed up 9 days after placing order)
3. AR-15 MOE lower build kit (showed up 7 days after placing order)
4. 500rds 5.56 M193 (showed up 7 days after placing order)
5. M&P 40 FS [during the $400 deal] (don't remember the time frame but it was quick)

The upper was ordered with no BCG/CH (went BCM for that) and standard handguards. It showed up with black Magpul handguards instead which was pretty nice of them since that saved me the $30+ I had planned on spending for them. The upper itself was put together well but it does require a full hashmark of left windage for zero. Everything else I've ordered was tip top.

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