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Originally Posted by Panglоss View Post
Well, maybe about half the court is. Heller was actually the decision that "changed everything", because before that ruling the 2nd amendment had never been held to protect an individual right to bear arms.

The thing is, Heller still leaves a lot of questions/clarifications to be decided in future cases. For one thing, how broad/narrow is the individual right to "bear arms"...e.g., what kinds of arms are protected under this right? An assault weapons ban, for instance, could very well be found constitutional if it goes to the supreme court.
I believe this case is going to be the "Heller"/"McDonald" case in regards to Bear (those dealt with Keep):

It's actually two cases that were combined in the 7th Circuit. The attorney for the state got hammered pretty hard on why they think a ban on carrying should be allowed to stand.
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