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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
I am going to make the assumption that you will be using a glock. With that said if you buy a 9mm you can only shoot 9mm. If you buy a 40 or 357sig you can shoot the other with just a barrel swap. You can also shoot 9mm with a conversion barrel and the right mags. I would recommend you buy a 40 with the two extra barrels and some 9mm mags. I only say the 40 because if you want to sell the gun in the future it is a lot easier to sell a 40 than a 357sig.
My thinking also.

Given what the man said about his 9mm fast and light capabilities coupled with the .40S&W heavy and powerful capabilities I'd go with a G-35 with the various conversion barrels. And there's a whole lot of caliber/ammo options available between those two extremes.

I don't really need any more firearms but this has me thinking ...

... that a G-35 might be a logical future trade or purchase.
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