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Originally Posted by AK74play View Post
It really wont matter when right after the election Hillary signs the NATO treaty. Then Obamanation can testify live on TV that he has nothing agains our 2nd Ammendment rights and again lie through his teeth because NATO will now be in control via the treaty which will over ride our constitutional rights. This is why O has been silent on the issue throughout most his campaign and avoiding it at all cost. He didn't want you to know that Hilliary was doing his dirty work for him behind the scenes with NATO.
I know this is kinda off the wll but I for one will NEVER recognise NATO as any kind of governing power and certainly not when they do not recognise my Constitunial rights.
Contrary to all the propaganda out there about gun ban treaties, international treaties cannot usurp the constitution. This has already been decided by the supreme court. Treaties can never supersede what is constitutionally protected. And DC v Heller just affirmed that what the 2nd amendment protects is an individual right to bear arms.
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