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I am completely sold on the DAK trigger in Sig's...I started shooting in the 80's & really liked and excelled w/ the double action pull on K-frame S&W revolvers, and always practiced dry fire drills...w/ the DAK, you can dry fire all you want and never have to pull the slide back, you just reset the trigger w/ a very short trigger stroke...I know w/ a DA/SA you can manually cock the hammer back each time, but the weight in pound presure to do this is a lot higher than what the short trigger strke on the DAK is required to reset the trigger (about 8 lbs or less on the DAK trigger to reset, I'm guessing about 18 lbs or so to reset the hammer on a Sig DA/SA because the tension is off the mainspring)...

I can do dry fire drills w/ the DAK trigger from Sig more easily than any other auto, Glocks included (though I have read a piece from Duane Thomas where he puts a piece of cardboard in the chamber to allow for easier dry fire drills w/ Glocks...don't ask me how it works, I never tried it)...

I have a degenerative joint condition that forces me to think outside the box in just about everything I do (i've already had my low spine fused twice & my right knee has been replaced, so I got limits)...finding something that works for me is always a plus...I'm not trying to push what works for me off on others, I'm just sharing my experience (FWIW)...

regardless, as Hickok45 always says, "Life is good"...

stay safe out there...the Goblins are loose
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