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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
I think most folks would define$50,000, married,2 kids as middle class.

That guy pays negligible to nothing in federal income taxes.
But pays 7+K in payroll taxes (if you count the tax paid by the employer)

I was including payroll taxes - both what the employee pays & what is paid by the employer.

Liberals need to decide -

Do you want the taxes collected as payroll taxes - to be counted like general revenue - so it is "counted just like income taxes" in the total taxes a person pays (Buffet rule BS)


Do you want social security and medicare to be considered a YOU PAY FOR IT sort of like a retirement plan- so it is not welfare for old people.

IMHO liberals want it BOTH ways -

I see it more like an income tax - and that makes social security welfare - so adjust the tax structure to change the rates so they collect the same amount of revenue as the current split (income tax & payroll taxes) and all of a sudden social security is just another program funded by general revenue - and the payments people get from social security when they hit the magic age of entitlement are welfare.

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