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Originally Posted by mrstrau View Post
I was thrown out of my house when I was 17 years old. I am currently 23 and have been living on my own since, I am in my last semester of college studying history, without a quote, unquote "real" job.

Trust me, I know how hard it is "out there".

And no, I don't get my news from Colbert or Stewart, but I do think it is a good satire of the crap Fox and CNN tries to pass as news.

I'm strongly libertarian. What is funny is that libertarians and republicans have many policy ideas that are extremely similar. But I run into the usual conservative ignorance often when people call me "liberal" because they don't understand politics beyond democrats/republicans and anything that is remotely different from conservative republicanism is "SOCIALISM!"

But again, people have different political beliefs. You believe Mitt Romney will fix this country. I don't.

At 23 you don't know **** about life.
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