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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
I believe that people should be responsible for themselves.

I also believe that the amount of money spent keeping old people alive another 2 months is wasted money and society shouldnt be picking up the tab.

Do some actual thinking and fact checking. Find out how much medical care the last two months of an old persons life costs and how good medicine is at changing the outcome.

Of course you can't think in a logical method. First you tell me how great socialized medicine is in Germany, knowing nothing about it, deny that there are two systems in place for health care in Germany with vastly different flavors between the two, and then say I have no experience. When I tell you about when I needed a doctor in Germany and I was able to get one, when Germans in the same situation couldnt have, I am an elitist for cutting in line. You dodged the whole issue that I had to "cut in line". In the USA, if I have the same ailment, there is no line to cut into.

OF course, that doesnt fit with your incorrect narrative of socialized medicine so its easier to call me an "elitist" instead of explaining why there are lines that I had to by-pass.

So lets ask you. WHY was there a line that I had to cut into and WHY is it good that there are lines? I suspect you will dodge this question too...
Outstanding point!

Muscogee, why are there lines?
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