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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
Just about every person that gets government cash - and it does not matter if it is a paycheck or food stamps or a free mobility scooter --


The REAL problem is - we have a system that makes it next to impossible for our elected officials to cut any of the spending programs.

Every entitlement program has become sacred -

You can't reduce SS or medicare - or you hate old people

You can't cut military entitlements because then you hate the military

You can't cut student loans - because who could be against education

You can't cut food stamps - or you hate "starving people"
If you raise taxes you're a leftist, socialist, fascist, communists and you're ignorant. The next President will raise your taxes because he has too. Do you want the working class and middle class to bear the bulk of the tax increases, like they have since Reagan, or do you want to ultra rich to bear the bulk of the burden?
"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."

Leona Helmsley
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