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Just about every person that gets government cash - and it does not matter if it is a paycheck or food stamps or a free mobility scooter --


The REAL problem is - we have a system that makes it next to impossible for our elected officials to cut any of the spending programs.

Every entitlement program has become sacred -

You can't reduce SS or medicare - or you hate old people

You can't cut military entitlements because then you hate the military

You can't cut student loans - because who could be against education

You can't cut food stamps - or you hate "starving people"

The one thread all of these entitlement programs have in common is they have entrenched support from the people that are GETTING the checks - and they WANT THE CASH - and if the elected representatives want to get reelected they must continue to buy the votes.

Something has got to change - unless we want to have a complete financial collapse.

Just think - in the year 2000 the federal government spent $1.6 trillion dollars

In 2012 they spent $3.8 trillion.

Taxes collected went from $1.7 trillion in 2000 to $2.5 trillion in 2012.

If you can't look at these numbers and tell that we have a spending problem then you are not trying very hard.

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