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You folks bashing the .mil need to read this and if it doesn't make sense, read it again.
Low wages? I was making $54,000 a year after taxes as a 4 year E5 in Hawaii (With BAH and FSA)

Low benefits? Sure, I was a Marine so our BAS (battalion aid station) was practically a condemned building. But I had four years of completely free medical and dental and eye care. Completely 100% cost free. I knew girls who got breast augmentations on the military's dime. Guy's who've had lasik. All sorts of elected procedures. Doesn't sound like low benefits to me.

Have you looked at how unsustainable the GI Bill is? The Post 9/11 GI Bill? That $1200 I paid (Which pissed me off, because they switched GI Bills 1/2 way through my enlistment and now the new guys dont pay) is a mere 1% of what I am currently ENTITLED to.

For 4 years of service I now get:

5 years of free VA healthcare (I served in a combat zone)
36 months of free tuition
36 months of BAH at the E5 w/ dependents rate
36 months of GI Bill "Kicker" payments

Comes out to $115,000+ just in educational benefits (Not including the healthcare)

The only reason the damn GI Bill was made in the first place was to prevent another catastrophe with what happened after WWI and the Bonus Army. FDR saw 12,000,000 GIs coming home soon and needed to offer them something in order to prevent massive unemployment or riots.

But sure, go ahead and keep saying our vets "Deserve" this.

The only thing we're getting is more debt and an army full of Jamal's claiming "Nah brah, I don't give a damn about my country. I just needed college money"

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