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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
Like I said, an elitists. You get to cut in line ahead of the peasants. You're entitled to it because you're such a great guy.
And the flight attendants "gave" me an ice cream sundae on flight Friday too. I am entitled to it BECAUSE I PAID FOR IT.

You really dont seem to get that concept. Try it one day. Pay for what you want. If you want more, figure out a way to pay it. Its an amazing system. If you want something, earn it instead of whining about why other people get ice cream and you get none.

I was much happier after the ice cream. I do however, wish that United had an espresso machine on the plane like Swiss Airlines does. Actually, I wish the United planes were as nice as Swiss. But, again, if I want that,I should quit whining and fly Swiss (of course i would also have to go where Swiss flies).
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