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Originally Posted by M&P Shooter View Post
Lets take a look, College kids think Obama is God's answer to everything, seniors think Obama is the chosen one to fix the country and he of course will get the minority vote. No I think we are screwed big time

The thing that gets me pissed off is that this election is so focused on color and not who can run this country better
This election is about who gets out the vote. In this very thread you see how the Dims want to confuse the election with libel based on fantasy. But if we actually get out and vote, we will win. The reality is the Dims are discouraged. Their guy is a loser. He has proved to be inept at every move. Big O. Has one "success." It's Obamacare! How popular is that? So we have to be motivated to vote this guy out, if for no other reason we have an intense fear of when another 4 years of O. will bring us.
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