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"Romney is a liar and a flipflop..just look at his voting record."

You nailed it. I really did not know anything about Romney until watching a Frontline show the other night on PBS. It was unbiased, presented the facts and went back and forth between mitt and o. I learned many things about each person.

I have much more confidence in Romney since watching the show. Far as his ability to turn the financial mess around. The man has a proven record of brilliance in the business world. Every thing the man has ever dealt with went from a mess to gold.

One glaring flaw on Mitt was his voting record. He will flip flop and change his vote-stance on anything if it will further his agenda and position. There were so many issues he has done this on, too many to list.

He's our best chance to get the economy back on track. He is a typical politician. But he is on steriods
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