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Had a G22, did not like the type of recoil. Fired 700 rounds through it without a single issue of brass to the face. Traded it for a G21, NIB 3rd gen. First time out fired 150 rounds with numerous rounds to the face with CCI Blazer, 230 grains. Bought some White box 230 at Wally World and some Speer Lawmen, both FMJ, 230 grains. Fired them today and got some brass to the face but less. Fired a couple magazines one handed and got no brass to the face.

Have made no mods to the pistol but before firing today I did put a couple drops of oil on the slide. Planning on keeping the gun but am disappointed that normal firing results in issues like this.

And I am firing at indoor range but it is easy to tell when brass is coming straight back or deflecting off the partition.
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