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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post

That is what I Luke said.

The first census (for taxes) was done during the governorship of Cyrenius over Syria and ANOTHER census (for taxes) was done right before Jesus was born.
The only problem wit this is that Quirinius was governor starting in 6 CE, and that's when the census mentioned in connection with him was done. Are you saying Jesus was born after 6 CE?
Luke does make the assertion that Cyrenius was the governor when Jesus was born, he does just the opposite by relating the two censuses for the purposes of taxing the Jewish people.
Then why does Luke 2:2 read "And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria." (I'm assuming here that you meant to write "Luke does not make the assertion... which I realize is always a dangerous thing with you)

Is that about right?
We are through with this supposed contradiction. Anything else?
Evidence that two different censuses were done would be an excellent first step. Evidence for an earlier period of Quirinius being governor of Syria would also be good, especially since we know the governors from the time Augustus began his reign until 4BCE. Do you happen to have any?
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