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Originally Posted by Guss View Post
Getting back on topic...
Daniel 4:11 speaks of a vision of a tree that grew so tall that it could be seen to the ends of the earth.
This might make sense if you think the world is flat, but it does not make sense if you view the world as a sphere.
Ever see the moon? It's round.

Ever read the Holy Bible? It speaks of the circle of the Earth.

Ever watch a ship come in from the horizon? You see the highest parts first, and the rest of the ship to the waterline.

All these things indicate spheres. Anyway, Christians that studied their Holy Bibles always knew the Earth was round (i.e., sphere).

Anyway, IMHO, you are basing your opinion on an admitted vision from brother Daniel. Heck, you personally fly in some of your dreams and yet you have a problem with someone else having a vision (e.g., dream) of a tree being so tall that it can be seen from the ends of the Earth?

Is there really a problem with that passage, or are you trying to make stuff up there "dreamer?"
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