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NEW Glock g27 with problems!

I'm now authorized to "post", so I like to include this information on my new Glock g27 Gen 4 on this forum. My problem seem to have much in common with what RedState is describing.

What I did, - was to ask members to let me know if they had a perfectly working G27 whose RSA (Return Spring Assembly) WASN'T tearing the guts out of their gun. And, yes, I now know that it's normal for the spring to come out of it's normally retained position. (Just put it back in place when you reassemble the pistol.)


I just purchased a new Glock G27 (Gen4) on Sunday, October 7th. (My first Glock ever) Even when cycling the action by hand and disassembling the pistol, the spring was becoming jammed between the barrel and the frame and was almost impossible to disassemble. When I was able to disassemble the pistol, I was scratching the heck out of the interior of the frame. This problem made me positively sick on a brand new gun!

I wrote to Glock describing the problem, and they replied!

"It is normal for the recoil spring to drop out of the half circle notch. It should be placed in that notch prior to reassembly."

Hmmmm . . . doesn't seem normal to me, but then again they are the experts on Glocks!

I went out yesterday and put 50 rounds through the pistol to make sure that everything was normal when firing it. When I got home and was able to disassemble the pistol, my brand new gun didn't look pretty. The polycarbonate frame was badly scarred and I am sure that the damage and self-destruction will only continue if I keep firing the gun. I simply don't like to see a brand new gun being destroyed right before my very eyes.

I own a lot of handguns, and this NEW Glock 27 Gen 4, which is three days old, is more damaged and scratched than any other gun that I own! And, some of them are 50 years old.

I took a few pictures as best I could and will take any suggestions on how to remedy the situation!


I wanted to provide this forum with an update on my progress on my problem. I shipped my Glock G27 off to the factory this afternoon via FedEx Overnight at a cost of $64.47 with Insurance. I paid $549.99 for the gun plus $32.99 Sales Tax plus $2.00 for the Background Check plus a $3.00 Gun Tax. With the return shipping, my total cost is now up to $652.45 for my first foray into the Glock Community. Thatís a lot to pay for a gun that cost less than $100 to manufacturer. Yeah, I know itís hard to believe. Everyone should start by reading the book Glock: The Rise of Americaís Gun! I think that most people that are reading this forum would really enjoy it.

It's hard for me to believe that ANY manufacturer, even Glock, or their professional representative would SUGGEST that itís NORMAL for a recoil spring to jump out itís assigned position and gouge (metal on plastic) the polycarbonate frame of a gun every time itís fired or cycled by hand! John Browning would be turning over in his grave to hear such a absurd story or his ghost would be wailing in extreme pain!

I'll keep people posted of the outcome to my G27 problem.
This is the link to photos of the my Glock damages:

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