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Originally Posted by Saber99 View Post
I haven't posted or even logged in for months, I've always been more of an observer. Normally I'm perfectly content to just sit back and read the fascinating exchanges between highly informed individuals(AM,AG, Gecko ect...) and delusional nutjobs ( looking at you Peace warrior). I have yet to see you post in any thread where you didn't make your self look like a fool.

But this thread takes the cake.You are undeniably pathetic, YOU STARTED this thread and then don't even have the balls to respond when every other participant in this thread has presented well founded arguments against your claims.

No one's expecting you to prove them wrong, we all KNOW you can't. I doubt you could even find any religious members to support you in this thread, you're your own special brand of delusional and I'm not referring to just religious issues. But guess what you are accountable, you are going to be held to your claims. Provide a real argument or admit that you are wrong. Stop side stepping questions, stop threatening to take your ball and go home cause you don't like how others play. It's time to grow up peace warrior.

Respond to the challenges you ASKED to be posed to you, or admit you can't and concede. Either one would garner you more respect than this pathetic little game you seem so fond of playing.
Still playing up to and following others. You do it on the internet, I bet you do it in life as well. Must suck to be you. I mean, you're such a lemming...
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