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Originally Posted by ArtificialGrape View Post
You're not still sour that he proved that it's "scientifically impossible" for stars to form by declaring it as fact are you?

Stars do not form from the "dust" or gases of nebulea as they are scientifically shown to be expanding at phenomenal rates. They are NOT contracting ( or their word: condensing) in on themselves and producing new stars.

This "a star is being born," or "star nursery" myths are made up by the evos in order to account for newer (last half of 1900's) scientific discoveries that blow star evolution out of the water.

Two faith statements:

1) After the big bang, in which NOTHING exploded , stars began to form themselves, began evolving, and as well they continue to form themselves at the present time.

2) The Creator created the stars as well as every other thing in the entire universe.

Two big leaps of faith, but even small kids know that # 2 is easier to have faith in as far what science shows us today.

Once again, both Christians and evos have faith in certain things. Matter of fact, a lot of the time, the only real difference between Christians and evos once both are forced to be without true scientific foundations is the fact that almost all Christians will admit they have faith for certain things whereas almost all evo's will not admit to having faith.
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