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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
In reference to the differing accounts of the death of Judas Iscariot

Let's pretend a guy hangs himself and dies while it's a warm night/day. Say nobody finds the suicide for a while. When the guy is found, let's say they cut the rope.

Do you not think the tightness of the rope along with the dead body starting to rot could have caused bloating so as when he hits the ground his stomach burst open?

The rest are super simple if you only try to understand.
Your position is that each writer forgot or neglected to include significant parts of the story? How is that substantively different than the accounts being wrong? Even if we accept this rationalization, how do you explain the error in Matthew 27:9, attempting to relate the story of Judas to an account from Jeremiah (Jeremy in the KJV) when the story is actually found in Zechariah?
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