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Originally Posted by skippz View Post
Same in my neck of the woods... It's actually sad because there are ppl who are truly disabled, and they have so many hoops to jump thru because of the lazy a**es that collect it undeservingly, all the while doing handyman work off the books for cash.
I agree. My father in law had to fight tooth and nail. He worked in a factory all his life and has a degenerative back disease. He can't work without sever pain. He was denied once and went on for three years. Filled again and after a year on long term disability through his work and fighting the system he finally got disability, and backpay for being wrongfully denied the first time. He worked his whole life, paid into the system, and couldn't get it when he needed it. Now you have these idiots who never paid a nickel into the system living their whole lives off of it.

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